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NEW Additions!
Crank Supports  - Meets New "2007" NHRA requirements.
Attention: Per NHRA

One of the biggest changes for 2007 is the addition of a new rule regarding the clutch/crank support.


            A clutch/crank support is mandatory on any car running 9.99 or quicker and is accepted on any vehicle. The clutch-side crank-support bracket and bottom plate must be made of minimum .350-inch-thick aluminum at its thinnest point. The clutch/crank-support bracket must be connected using either three 5/16-inch bolts or four 1/4-inch bolts to the bottom plate.

Amend's crank supports are CNC machined from a special aluminum alloy plate that provides a combination of high strength, high fracture toughness and good resistance to fatigue crack propagation at high stress levels.  The crank supports are then polished with a high energy finishing machine to remove stress risers and to give the crank supports a durable polished finish.  We do carry these in stock for immediate delivery.

Description Part #  Price:

1 clutch side
Standard support

TRMPCB1 $25.95

1 clutch side
Allen bolt clamp style

TRMPCB2 $32.95
MT Emergency shut off:

(Head & spark plug not included)

NHRA Accepted!
Easy installation (only 2 clamping bolts to tighten)
Fully assembled & adjusted from the factory
No wiring or terminals to break, come loose, or bleed off spark energy
Will work on any height spark plug
Totally independent of the current electrical system



Part # TRESO549 Price:  $89.95
Polar Pro Clutch Assembly

The New Polar Pro is the latest innovation in Junior Dragster Clutching. The Pro is a completely redesigned clutch from the Innovative Clutch Experts. Like all Polar Clutches, it has hardened ramps, hardened rollers, billet arms, and chrome silicon wire primary and secondary springs. The Pro also features hex, aircraft quality bolts and nuts. With strategically placed cutouts, the Polar Pro is the most user friendly clutch on the market today. The Ramps and Weights can be changed while the clutch is assembled and attached to the car. By removing the six faceplate hex-headed bolts, the spring can be changed with ease, the spider can be removed, and the entire clutch can be disassembled. The Polar Pro is more than user friendly; it is performance based, as well. Pro features overdriven, dual angle 5.75” billet shieves. The dual angle shieve will better grip the belt as the car launches. The Pro comes with a shim kit, which allows the tuner to adjust the belt to shieve distance and ramp to roller relationship. The adjustability of the shieve to shieve distance allows the tuner to get the perfect spacing for better reaction times and quicker launches. The starting distance of the ramp to roller relationship is also fully adjustable, which will adjust the reaction times and the engagement of the clutch. The Pro Primary comes race ready with 15-degree hi-per radius ramps, 7-gram weights (14 total per arm), and a purple spring. The Polar Pro is not just a primary, but rather a complete clutch system. The Secondary has larger shieves at 7.25” for quicker launches and better 60-foot times. Pro Secondary has a 38-degree helix with a yellow spring in hole 6. With the larger Secondary, the center-to-center distance will change slightly. This center-to-center change should not be enough to cause the need for a new motorplate. The Polar Pro System also comes with the newest innovation from Polar the Outlaw belt. With the latest technology and insight from the World’s Leading Belt Manufacture, Polar has developed a totally redesigned rubber compound and belt profile. Tests have proven this innovative belt to be the most consistent to hit the junior market to date. Boasting a new denser rubber compound (for consistency throughout and longer belt-life), a low profile ‘bottom-cog’ design (for an increased belt contact area and reduce belt slippage), and new ‘top-cog’ design (for a less resistant turning radius and improved belt flexibility), this new 9-inch Center-to-Center belt is truly a work of innovation. The Polar Pro was specially designed with the Tuner and horsepower in mind. With the ease of adjusting the Pro, the Tuner can effortlessly get the maximum out of any combination

Description Part #  Price:

Complete Assembly

TRPOL 73055 $759.95

Complete Primary

TRPOL 73056 $559.95
Complete Secondary TRPOL 73057 $339.95
Click here for Polar clutch parts & accessories.

Limited Time

« CURRENT INTERNET SPECIAL»  -  Vinyl Dial-in Decals


 48 Static Cling Vinyl Dial-In Decals

 Do away with the messy shoe polish forever.

  Package includes (48) 3 1/2'' Static Cling Number and Decimal Decals.

  These numbers are safe for paint and glass surfaces. Easily removed and changed as needed.

  Improves appearance for a more professional look.

Part #  TRSP1234567890 Regular Price         $17.99 Internet Special        $10.99