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Comet Clutch - Tav-2-30
This is an asymmetrical type torque converter system which means the sheave faces are non-symmetrical. They have different angles. In this case, the movable sheave face is 18 degree while the stationary face is 2.5 degrees for a collective angle of 20.5 degrees. The system is designed to operate on a in-line principal, thus proving the proper alignment for the final drive chain to be on the same side of the vehical as the PTO. This offers some significant advantages to mounting requirements in many cases. The asymmetrical concept- having the 18degree angle on one side requires less sheave face travel to lift the belt to large comparable pitch diameters of the symmetrical system. This makes it possible to force the belt to a diameter within the drive clutch (at high rpm) that exceeds the usual 1:1 ration of standard systems. The TAV2 can actually attain a 10% overdrive. TAV-2-30 Clutch Kit includes the driver, driven and back plate with jackshaft.
products/clutch/salsbury.jpg Salisbury 340Series Torque Converter System (Click Here For Parts Break Down)
The Model 340 automatic torque converter system was designed specifically for light horsepower sport vehicals as well as industrial applications. Generally engine driven, this converter is one of the torque sensitive type in which the vehical or driven load has influence on establishing the ratio between driver and driven. In the torque sensitive system design, a cam actuator in the driven reacts to the increase torque demands by downshifting without loss of engine rpm. In this way the engine continues to operate at peak power range for all but most severe loads when it will shift info peak torque range.